Matt Broomfield

Matt Broomfield

Journalist and freelance writer

social justice, marginal voices and street culture; the refugee crisis, direct action and political extremism

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Edl lgbt article

The English Defence League LGBT division: the dark side of the rainbow

Mostly male, shaven-headed and white, they can be found in almost any of Britain’s urban centres - a jostling crowd beneath a thicket of placards and Crosses of St. George....

Nation of islam article

Black supremacist music: a reaction to historical oppression, or something more sinister?

Don't gloss over the ugliness of black supremacist music but don't condemn the entire cultural movement out of hand....

Geert wilders ncj article

How the far right is uniting across Europe

There is an uncertain line in the sand on he radical right between legitimate nationalism and unacceptable racism....

Cameron and jesusj article

Would Jesus have been a Cameroon?

David Cameron told an audience last night that divine inspiration was at work when he came up with the concept of the Big Society. But would Jesus really have been a Cameroon?...